In 1959, a group of citizens, concerned by proposed unsightly development of Boulder’s scenic mountain backdrop, initiated and successfully campaigned for the “Blue Line Amendment,” which prohibits city water service above a certain elevation. These citizens organized PLAN-Boulder (PLAN stands for People’s League for Action Now). Since then, PLAN-Boulder County helped establish the City of Boulder’s Parks and Recreation Department and was instrumental in creating the city’s Open Space program. PLAN-Boulder County has been at the forefront of creating Boulder’s Historic Preservation Ordinance, the city’s building height limitation, the Transportation Master Plan, and the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan. More recently, PLAN-Boulder County has advocated for individual issues related to affordable housing, long-range planning, open space management and conservation, neighborhood character, and clean energy/greenhouse gas reduction.


PLAN-Boulder County (PBC) is the leading citizens’ organization working to ensure environmental sustainability in the City of Boulder and across Boulder County. Founded in 1959, PBC seeks to promote–through education, political action, and encouragement of public involvement–far-sighted, innovative,and sustainable land use and growth patterns that preserve the area’s unique character and desirability, and which reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.


PBC’s vision is of a largely rural, undeveloped, and scenic unincorporated Boulder County with vibrant, compact, self-contained communities, each with its own distinct identity, existing in harmony with the natural environment as much as possible. The undeveloped rural land and environmentally sensitive areas are protected as open space, with open land between cities serving as community buffers, good agricultural land preserved as working farms, and important habitat, including wetlands and riparian areas, conserved for wildlife and native flora. Within Boulder and neighboring communities, growth is moderated and directed towards transit and pedestrian friendly green building that minimizes energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, while promoting neighborhood identity and sense of community. Ample affordable housing and transit opportunities help promote diversity of all kinds, and citizens from all walks are actively engaged in the governance of their communities.


  • PBC strongly believes that growth should be carefully controlled and directed to meet community goals of housing affordability, environmental sustainability, neighborhood identity, and preserving the high quality of life in Boulder County. Growth should pay for itself to the greatest extent possible.
  • PBC believes that a top priority in this era of climate change is to decrease per capita and community-wide greenhouse gas emissions by increasing energy efficiency, energy conservation, and adoption of renewable energy sources.
  • PBC supports a better balanced transportation system that actively promotes public transit, bicycle commuting, and pedestrian travel, and provides for smarter use of automobiles.
  • PBC believes in the importance of preserving open space as a means to create buffers between communities, conserve important wildlife habitat, provide for sustainable local agriculture, and as a scenic backdrop and place for recreation and renewal.
  • PBC supports regional cooperation and planning, especially for open space acquisition, land use, transportation, recycling and waste management.
  • PBC strongly encourages citizen engagement through the dissemination of information to and generation of ideas from the entire community and believes that public involvement in planning processes and community governance is essential.
  • PBC supports policies to enhance the diversity of people and housing choices within the City of Boulder and Boulder County, as well as opportunities for personal growth and
  • achievement.

Board Officers

PBC Board Co-chairs:
Allyn Feinberg, 303-447-8513

Peter Mayer, 720-318-4232

Jack Rudd, Secretary, 303-704 3325

Board Members

Dick Harris, 303-499-1551

Sean Kendall, 303-246-3597

Hollie Rogin, 720-427-3157

Ray Bridge, 303-499-8496

John Spitzer, 303-345-4004

Jack Rudd, 303-704-3325

Lisa Spalding, 303-442-2362

Charlotte Pitts

Advisory Committee
Dan Benavidez
Jim Baily
Ruth Blackmore
Gwen Dooley
Bruce Goldstein
Jeff Hohensee
Pete Morton
Pat Shanks
Allan Boles