Please donate to the PLAN-Boulder County unofficial candidate committee for the 2017 Boulder municipal election, to elect Cindy Carlisle, John Gerstle, Mirabai Nagel, Sam Weaver, and Mary Young to Boulder city council.

PLAN-Boulder County believes that these candidates best represent the balance the community desires for addressing the challenges that Boulder will confront going forward. The candidates all have solid track records of public service and decisions and actions that benefit the broader community and that are not motivated by monetary gain for themselves, their businesses, or special interests. They are clear-eyed pragmatists, understand the key issues and are consensus builders who listen to all perspectives. (we could go into why this election is a cross roads for the corporatist perspective to exploit Boulder vs the community perspective. Or we can just keep it simple with the above)

Individual donations are limited to $100 per person or donating entity.

If donating by check, please make checks out to PLAN-Boulder County 2017 UCC and mail to PO Box 4682, Boulder, CO 80306


Please donate to the plan boulder county 2017 municipal election issues committee to support these ballot issues.

Municipalization Issues:

  • 2L:  Extension and raise for the portion of the existing Utility Occupation Tax that funds Municipalization – this measure extends the tax that was passed in 2011, and increases it for the first two years. The average increased cost for a residential customer will be about $2.30 per month;
  • 2P:  Extension of the council’s authority to conduct executive sessions to seek legal advice related to Municipalization – City Council would not be allowed to use Executive Sessions to discuss negotiation strategy with respect to a settlement with Xcel that would end the municipalization process. Any such discussion would happen in public;
  • 2O:  A charter amendment to require a citizen vote prior to incurring debt for separation construction.

A YES vote will allow Boulder to continue moving forward in the process of creating a publicly owned electric utility.  For people who are concerned about climate change, moving forward enables us to make a large and immediate investment in renewable energy which also enables us to realize the economic benefits of clean energy innovation. We will not be able to make this kind of investment unless we create a non-profit, public power utility in Boulder.  If we fail, it will be the end of our historic effort to be the first city in the USA to form a publicly utility in response to climate change and to join over 20 other Colorado communities like Fort Collins, Longmont, Loveland that have publicly owned electric utilities.


Community, Culture and Safety Tax Renewal for Capital Improvements

  • 2M:  Extension of 0.3 Cents Sales and Use Tax of the Community, Culture and Safety Tax for Capital Improvements;
  • 2N:  Debt Authority for Community, Culture and Safety Tax for Capital Improvements – this measure will authorize the increase of city debt to fund capital improvement projects voted on in measure 2M above .  Any increased debt will be repaid through the sales and use tax extension in measure 2M above.


A YES vote for this tax renewal would fund several important city facilities and infrastructure projects. It would also would provide matching funds for a number of community non-profit facilities. Should we explain what some of those non profits or infrastructure projects are?

If donating by check, please make checks out to PLAN-Boulder County 2017 IC and mail to PO Box 4682, Boulder, CO 80306

Please donate to PLAN-Boulder County. PLAN-Boulder County depends on the support of the community to provide education, outreach and political advocacy on critical local land use, environmental and good governance issues. Your support will support PBC’s efforts to provide programs and services that help maintain the unique character of Boulder County today and into the future.

If donating by check, please make checks out to PLAN-Boulder County and mail to PO Box 4682, Boulder, CO 80306