More on PLAN Boulder County’s City Council Endorsements

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PLAN-(Peoples’ League for Action Now) Boulder County has endorsed  candidates and ballot measures for the 2017 City of Boulder Municipal election.


The pressure on the City of Boulder by business interests for more and more and more has never been greater and is changing the political climate. Some local tech oligarchs—one of whose motto has been reported as “If you don’t like the rules of the game, change them”—have decided to pour their money into influencing our local elections. Following on the heels of the Trump election and his vows to do away with regulatory protections, various local groups and their political candidates are seriously advancing dismantling residential zoning rules, developing in flood protecting wetlands, curtailing development impact fees available for affordable housing and hamstringing our efforts to fight climate change.

You can fight back against this political climate change by donating to, volunteering for, and VOTING FOR these five City Council candidates who are committed to maintaining Boulder’s quality of life, enhancing economic diversity, protecting the environment, achieving our climate goals and working for the many rather than the few.

PLAN Boulder County believes that these candidates best represent the balance the community desires for addressing the challenges that Boulder will confront going forward. The candidates all have solid track records of public service, decision making and actions that serve the broader community over special interests. They are clear-eyed pragmatists, understand the key issues and are consensus builders who listen to all perspectives.

This fall PLAN-Boulder County, through its candidate committee, will be distributing literature and placing ads in favor of these candidates. If you can, please donate to our unofficial candidates committee to help us to help these worthy contenders for the next City Council.

You may donate up to $100 through the PLAN-Boulder County website or, if donating by check, make checks out to PLAN-Boulder County 2017 UCC and mail to PO Box 4682, Boulder, CO 80306.
To volunteer, email


You also know that Boulder’s municipal electrical utility effort is at a critical juncture. Despite  misleading stories in The Daily Camera and ferocious opposition from Xcel,the “muni” has recently been given a “roadmap” by the Public Utilities Commission to assemble its physical plant. But funding from the current utility occupation tax to create the “muni” will run out at the end of this year, unless renewed in this election by the voters. Without this source of money, efforts to establish the “muni” will cease. You can bet that Xcel and our local oligarchs will be digging into their deep pockets to make sure that the utility occupation tax renewal does not pass to ensure that Boulder remains chained to Xcel and coal for the foreseeable future.

PLAN-Boulder County has endorsed the three City ballot issues–2L, 2P and 20–related to the “muni”.

YES vote will allow Boulder to continue moving forward in the process of creating a publicly owned electric utility.  For people who are concerned about climate change, moving forward enables us to make a large and immediate investment in renewable energy which also enables us to realize the economic benefits of clean energy innovation. We will not be able to make this kind of investment unless we create a non-profit, publicly owned power utility in Boulder.  If we fail, it will be the end of our historic effort to be the first city in the USA to form a publicly owned utility in response to climate change and to join over 20 other Colorado communities like Fort Collins, Longmont, Loveland that have publicly owned electric utilities.

PLAN-Boulder County has also endorsed both the granting of debt authority for the community, culture and safety tax and extending the tax—City ballot issues 2M and2N.

YES vote for this tax renewal would fund several important city facilities and infrastructure projects. It would also provide matching funds for a number of community non-profit facilities.

We will support these measures with campaign literature and newspaper ads. If you would like to join our effort, please donate to our issue committee. There is no limit on the amount that you can give,

You may donate an unlimited amount through the PLAN-Boulder County website or, if donating by check, make checks out to PLAN-Boulder County 2017 IC and mail to PO Box 4682, Boulder, CO 80306.
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Approved by the PLAN-Boulder County 2017 Unofficial Candidates Committee and PLAN-Boulder County 2017 Issues Committee.  Leonard May, Treasurer