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County Commissioner Candidates Elise Jones and Deb Gardner—Although we recognize that valid concerns have been raised about some of the County Commissioners’ decisions since the last election, we commend the incumbents Jones and Gardner for generally good management and policies, particularly in the human services area, as well as their work in leading the County’s recovery from the 2013 Flood. … Read More

Sean KendallDevelopment

Thursday, Oct. 20 – A Look at Planning in Boulder County Join Boulder County staff for a look at the past, present and future of planning in Boulder County. First, staff  from each department will summarize how planning is integrated into their department’s work and how it impacts residents, wildlife, and health in the county. Next, Boulder County’s Pete Fogg, … Read More

Yes or No on Council Term Limits? – a PLAN-Boulder Forum

Richard HarrisNews

Watch this video of the debate. PLAN-Boulder County held a debate on Friday, October 7, 2016, from noon to 1 pm, in the Boulder Creek Room of the main Boulder Public Library. Speaking in favor was Andy Schultheiss, Executive Director of Open Boulder, former Boulder City Council member, and former administrative assistant to U.S.  Congressman Jared Polis.  Andy was the … Read More

PLAN-Boulder Position on Proposed Ordinance to Allow Cooperative Housing in Single Family Neighborhoods

PLAN-Boulder County BoardAffordable Housing

This coming Tuesday, City Council will have a “2nd reading” of a proposed new ordinance to allow “co-ops” in single-family residential neighborhoods. It would allow up to 15 “co-ops” per year in single-family residential neighborhoods. Communal living options such as co-ops and boarding houses (which are not substantively different) have been allowed in Boulder for many years in a variety … Read More

Boulder County Commissioner Candidates Face Off at PLAN-Boulder Forum

Leonard MayNews

Watch a video of the Forum in HD. Two incumbent Boulder County Commissioners and their opponents faced off at a PLAN-Boulder County Forum at noon on Friday, September 30, 2106.  They are District 1 Kevin Sipple (R) Elise Jones (D) incumbent District 2 Deb Gardner (D) incumbent Paul Danish (R) The moderator was Bruce Goldstein, Associate Professor, University of … Read More

Calvin Welch Speaks at PLAN-Boulder Annual Dinner

Leonard MayAffordable Housing

Calvin Welch delivered a stirring saga of San Francisco’s recent growth of market rate housing, while producing inadequate affordable units and leading to middle income exodus.  His talk was the main theme at PLAN-Boulder’s Annual Dinner on September 23, 2016. Watch Calvin’s talk. The video shows Calvin presenting his talk and shows his slides, you may wish to download the … Read More

Annexation of CU South Property

Sean KendallOpen Space

Next up in the BVCP is discussion of CU-South, long a contentious topic.   Planning staff sent links to the two relevant consultants’ reports to the two advisory boards less than 24 hours before their meetings (Open Space Board of Trustees and Planning Board).   These are not small matters. CU-South includes major flood-control proposals, preparation for annexation by the city, … Read More

Middle Income Housing Strategy to Planning Board

Sean KendallAffordable Housing, Diversity

The attached report for a middle income housing strategy is going to the Planning Board in September 2016.  The executive summary provides that: “As home prices continue to increase, it is clear that the current goal of 450 permanently affordable middle income homes is no longer adequate. Furthermore, with annexation as the only vehicle for permanently affordable middle income housing, … Read More

PLAN Boulder Accomplisments

Sean KendallGood Governance

For lasting accomplishments- here are some more recent things- – advocacy for safe streets, traffic calming, and improved pedestrian crossings – leadership on establishing bike paths – especially 13th St., 17th St., and North Broadway. – strong advocacy guiding the OSMP Visitor Master Plan and various TSAs leading to strong environmental conservation policies – initiation and support for the Compatible … Read More

Affordable Housing Documents and Resources

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CITY OF BOULDER Housing and Human Services Master Plan Housing and Human Services Master Plan – Appendices Housing and Human Services Master Plan Advisory Committee  Boulder Housing Partners Discussion Housing Implementation and Funding Task Force Report City of Boulder, May 23, 2000 Comprehensive Housing Strategy City of Boulder.  February 16, 1999. Affordable Housing: Its Role and Prospects in Sustained Community … Read More