Annexation of CU South Property

Sean KendallOpen Space

Next up in the BVCP is discussion of CU-South, long a contentious topic.   Planning staff sent links to the two relevant consultants’ reports to the two advisory boards less than 24 hours before their meetings (Open Space Board of Trustees and Planning Board).   These are not small matters. CU-South includes major flood-control proposals, preparation for annexation by the city, … Read More

Middle Income Housing Strategy to Planning Board

Sean KendallAffordable Housing, Diversity

The attached report for a middle income housing strategy is going to the Planning Board in September 2016.  The executive summary provides that: “As home prices continue to increase, it is clear that the current goal of 450 permanently affordable middle income homes is no longer adequate. Furthermore, with annexation as the only vehicle for permanently affordable middle income housing, … Read More

PLAN Boulder Accomplisments

Sean KendallGood Governance

For lasting accomplishments- here are some more recent things- – advocacy for safe streets, traffic calming, and improved pedestrian crossings – leadership on establishing bike paths – especially 13th St., 17th St., and North Broadway. – strong advocacy guiding the OSMP Visitor Master Plan and various TSAs leading to strong environmental conservation policies – initiation and support for the Compatible … Read More

Affordable Housing Documents and Resources

Sean KendallDevelopment

CITY OF BOULDER Housing and Human Services Master Plan Housing and Human Services Master Plan – Appendices Housing and Human Services Master Plan Advisory Committee  Boulder Housing Partners Discussion Housing Implementation and Funding Task Force Report City of Boulder, May 23, 2000 Comprehensive Housing Strategy City of Boulder.  February 16, 1999. Affordable Housing: Its Role and Prospects in Sustained Community … Read More


Sean KendallGood Governance

  All of our endorsees are strong supporters of municipalization. Four of the five are women, correcting gender imbalance on Council. Most importantly, all are prepared to serve. They have the knowledge, city experience, values, and courage to be outstanding councilmembers. The PLAN-Boulder Board has endorsed the following five candidates for the Boulder City Council: Lisa Morzel Incumbent. Has supported … Read More

2015 Council Retreat

PLAN-Boulder County BoardGood Governance

To: Boulder City Council From: PLAN–Boulder County Board of Directors Subject: Recommendations for Council Retreat Dear Councilmembers: We hope that you will have a productive retreat and that you will be able to focus your attention and that of staff for the coming year to the issues of greatest concern to Boulder citizens. We’d like to point out that one … Read More

Open Space & Mountain Parks

Sean KendallOpen Space

Open Space & Mountain Parks Among Council’ “Two Year Desired Outcomes” for Open Space is the following item: “Overriding policy issues: Carrying capacity, night time use, on/off road trail use, temporal restrictions”. This arose originally when Council passed the West Trail Study Area Management Plan. The Department brought in an experienced retired planner, Dave Kuntz, to lead this effort, but … Read More

Height Limit in Boulder Colorado

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Plan Boulder County on Height Limit PBC supports limiting building height to 35/38ft in all areas except the downtown and Boulder Junction. Any building approved at 55 feet should have a clear, well-defined, enforceable community benefit as part all permits granted. PBC urges Council to put the Comprehensive Housing Strategy and envision East Arapahoe on hold. Staff efforts are better … Read More

PLAN Policy Recommendations to City Council

Sean KendallCity Council, Development

We hope that you will have a productive retreat and that you will be able to focus your attention and that of staff for the coming year to the issues of greatest concern to Boulder citizens. We’d like to point out that one of the most important themes dominating community dialogue in the last year has been citizen concern over … Read More

Pearl Place Site Review

PLAN-Boulder County BoardDevelopment

Re: Pearl Place Site Review (Planning Board Nov. 6, 2014) Dear Planning Board Members: At our regular board meeting on Dec. 1, 2014, we discussed at length the above project (LUR2014-00035, located in an L-shaped configuration around the Chase Bank Building situated on the SW corner of 30th and Pearl). At 55 feet and 325,000 square feet of floor space, … Read More