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The following letter was sent by PBC Co-chair Pat Shanks, on his own behalf, to the Boulder City Council on May 17, 2011. Dear City Council Members-   I am speaking for myself and am not representing PLAN-Boulder County, which has not had time to consider these issues because of the rushed time-frame.   I have reviewed the materials available … Read More


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The following statement was made to City Council at their May 3, 2011 meeting by Ruth Blackmore on behalf of PLAN-Boulder: PLAN-Boulder supports the staff recommendation to enter into an agreement with the Boulder Valley School District to use $3.5M in EET funds for renovating Mapleton School for use as an early childhood education center. Mapleton School, established in 1889 … Read More


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To the Members of the Boulder City Council: The intent of the procedure for the expansion of the Area II-Service Area into the Area III-Planning Reserve is to ensure that decisions about changes to the Service Area are based on Comprehensive Plan policies and city and/or county-initiated changes, rather than being “incremental, reactive, and applicant-driven”undefined as the City of Boulder … Read More

Does Dense Make Sense

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DoesDenseMakeSense  (<<== Click here for PLAN Boulder paper) Boulder has a residential population density greater than Denver – and is 40% more dense than peer cities like Palo Alto, California and Madison, Wisconsin. Still, there are calls by some for much greater density in Boulder. The public debate about increasing Boulder’s density has been emotional and rife with misinformation. A … Read More