The Belonging Revolution

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Walking the neigborhoods. Former Longmont Mayor Dan Benavidez and Police Chief Butler develop community by walking the neighborhoods. Walk 1-19-2017 It has been quite a few Sundays due to weather and holidays that Chief Mike Butler and I have been able to do a neighborhood walk. So how nice it was when Mike called my last Thursday and said “Dan … Read More

Middle Income Housing Strategy to Planning Board

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The attached report for a middle income housing strategy is going to the Planning Board in September 2016.  The executive summary provides that: “As home prices continue to increase, it is clear that the current goal of 450 permanently affordable middle income homes is no longer adequate. Furthermore, with annexation as the only vehicle for permanently affordable middle income housing, … Read More

Citizen Advisory Board to Address Affordable Housing

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PLAN-Boulder supports the creation of a permanent citizen advisory board to address affordable housing. The purpose of the Affordable Housing Advisory Board would be to study, review and advise City Council on issues affecting affordable housing development in the City and to provide oversight and consistency in housing decisions. Complex issues like concentration of affordable and homeless housing in one … Read More


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The following statement was made to City Council at their May 3, 2011 meeting by Ruth Blackmore on behalf of PLAN-Boulder: PLAN-Boulder supports the staff recommendation to enter into an agreement with the Boulder Valley School District to use $3.5M in EET funds for renovating Mapleton School for use as an early childhood education center. Mapleton School, established in 1889 … Read More