City Council is Working to UpZone Boulder

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On June 4th, City Council discussed redevelopment options for the former Boulder Community Hospital at Broadway and Balsam and the surrounding area including, Ideal Plaza and Community Plaza shopping centers.  All the options proposed considerably greater development and density over what currently exists. City staff conducted a survey in order to understand community priorities, asking questions similar in nature to … Read More

City Council Up-Zoning Neighborhoods Through Opportunity Zone Review

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May 2019 Dear City Council, Below is an analysis of the components discussed , or to be discussed, in your April and May study sessions for use table changes to be applied to the Opportunity Zone and Citywide. The following provides an overview of our observations. A. The simultaneous development of citywide use table changes with the Opportunity Zone use … Read More

PLAN-Boulder County Statement on Xcel “Partnership” Options

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PLAN-Boulder County has been a strong advocate of the City of Boulder forming a municipal electric utility to achieve carbon free electricity as one of the most effective steps it could take to impact climate change. PLAN-Boulder County urges the Boulder City Council to continue with its municipalization process that is now being considered by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission … Read More

PLAN Boulder Accomplisments

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For lasting accomplishments- here are some more recent things- – advocacy for safe streets, traffic calming, and improved pedestrian crossings – leadership on establishing bike paths – especially 13th St., 17th St., and North Broadway. – strong advocacy guiding the OSMP Visitor Master Plan and various TSAs leading to strong environmental conservation policies – initiation and support for the Compatible … Read More


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  All of our endorsees are strong supporters of municipalization. Four of the five are women, correcting gender imbalance on Council. Most importantly, all are prepared to serve. They have the knowledge, city experience, values, and courage to be outstanding councilmembers. The PLAN-Boulder Board has endorsed the following five candidates for the Boulder City Council: Lisa Morzel Incumbent. Has supported … Read More

2015 Council Retreat

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To: Boulder City Council From: PLAN–Boulder County Board of Directors Subject: Recommendations for Council Retreat Dear Councilmembers: We hope that you will have a productive retreat and that you will be able to focus your attention and that of staff for the coming year to the issues of greatest concern to Boulder citizens. We’d like to point out that one … Read More

Affordable Housing

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Ray Bridge read the following statement on August 30 regarding the Housing Strategy Process.   PBC Statement for CC, 8/30/2014 1.       PBC supports City Council adopting the procedure of reviewing concept plans, when it chooses to do so, rather than leaving this step solely to Planning Board. 2.       City Council should not approve the goals of the draft Comprehensive Housing … Read More

ROW Consideration

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PLAN-Boulder County urges you to rescind your recommendation to City Council on the ROW ordinance for three reasons. First, this ordinance, if passed, will significantly change density requirements in a number of areas of Boulder. This is a major policy change, and it has been subject to no real public discussion, certainly not adequate public discussion. That is contrary to … Read More

Board Appointments

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2014 BOARD APPOINTMENTS On March 5, PLAN-Boulder sent a letter to the City Council regarding board appointments: Dear Council members, PLAN-Boulder County would like to recommend a few specific candidates for board appointments for your consideration, though we recognize that interviews have not yet taken place. We regret not having done so earlier, but obtaining the applications to give fair … Read More

Three Minute Rule at City Council

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PLAN-Boulder County members have spoken to Council hundreds of times during the public participation portion of City Council meetings. While we appreciate the concerns expressed by some City Council members about the content and conduct of public participation, City Council members are our elected representatives, and public participation is an efficient way for Council members to hear from their constituents. … Read More