PLAN-Boulder County Position on Affordable Housing Commercial Linkage Fees, Transportation Linkage Fees and Transportation Excise Taxes – February 2017

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Jobs Housing Linkage Fees The jobs housing linkage fees, as currently proposed at $12/square foot (for an office building), less than 10% of the amount established as justifiable ($129.49/square foot) by the economic analysis, will leave the major burden of providing affordable housing for new employees on the citizens of Boulder, who are doing nothing to create this problem, and so should not be … Read More

PLAN Boulder Accomplisments

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For lasting accomplishments- here are some more recent things- – advocacy for safe streets, traffic calming, and improved pedestrian crossings – leadership on establishing bike paths – especially 13th St., 17th St., and North Broadway. – strong advocacy guiding the OSMP Visitor Master Plan and various TSAs leading to strong environmental conservation policies – initiation and support for the Compatible … Read More

Affordable Housing Documents and Resources

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CITY OF BOULDER Housing and Human Services Master Plan Housing and Human Services Master Plan – Appendices Housing and Human Services Master Plan Advisory Committee  Boulder Housing Partners Discussion Housing Implementation and Funding Task Force Report City of Boulder, May 23, 2000 Comprehensive Housing Strategy City of Boulder.  February 16, 1999. Affordable Housing: Its Role and Prospects in Sustained Community … Read More

Boulder’s Future Development

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We strongly support moving forward with a Comprehensive Development Strategy, as a Council-driven priority. There have been many letters and other communications that have characterized PBC’s position as demanding no growth, low density, and keeping Boulder exactly the same as it is now. Those are mischaracterizations, and particularly for this effort by the council to address the development issues that … Read More

Council Should Pause Growth

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Daily CameraCouncil Should Pause GrowthArticle We are in the midst of a development binge. Many of us are seriously concerned. Is this rush to build hotels, luxury apartments, and high-end office space really what we need in Boulder? We don't think so. In 2003, the Boulder City Council passed resolution 922 directing undefined " staff to develop plans and proposed ... Read More

2014 Council Retreat

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On January 3, PLAN-Boulder sent a letter to the City Council in respect to their 2014 retreat with suggests for community priorities in housing, climate change, transportation and open space.  (For comments on the 2015 retreat, go here) Dear Councilmembers, At your forthcoming retreat, you have a substantial agenda. PLAN-Boulder County suggests the following topics as important community priorities: Housing We … Read More

Citizen Advisory Board to Address Affordable Housing

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PLAN-Boulder supports the creation of a permanent citizen advisory board to address affordable housing. The purpose of the Affordable Housing Advisory Board would be to study, review and advise City Council on issues affecting affordable housing development in the City and to provide oversight and consistency in housing decisions. Complex issues like concentration of affordable and homeless housing in one … Read More


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The following statement was read to the Boulder City Council on June 7, 2011 by PLAN-Boulder County Co-chair Ruth Blackmore: Dear Councilmember: Re: Goss-Grove zoning and boundaries: PLAN Boulder County strongly urges the City Council to adopt the original staff recommendation, including the boundaries mapped by the staff, for the Goss Grove land use change from High Density Residential (HR) … Read More