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  All of our endorsees are strong supporters of municipalization. Four of the five are women, correcting gender imbalance on Council. Most importantly, all are prepared to serve. They have the knowledge, city experience, values, and courage to be outstanding councilmembers. The PLAN-Boulder Board has endorsed the following five candidates for the Boulder City Council: Lisa Morzel Incumbent. Has supported … Read More

2015 Council Retreat

PLAN-Boulder County BoardGood Governance

To: Boulder City Council From: PLAN–Boulder County Board of Directors Subject: Recommendations for Council Retreat Dear Councilmembers: We hope that you will have a productive retreat and that you will be able to focus your attention and that of staff for the coming year to the issues of greatest concern to Boulder citizens. We’d like to point out that one … Read More

Height Limit in Boulder Colorado

Sean KendallDevelopment

Plan Boulder County on Height Limit PBC supports limiting building height to 35/38ft in all areas except the downtown and Boulder Junction. Any building approved at 55 feet should have a clear, well-defined, enforceable community benefit as part all permits granted. PBC urges Council to put the Comprehensive Housing Strategy and envision East Arapahoe on hold. Staff efforts are better … Read More

Boulder’s Future Development

PLAN-Boulder County BoardDevelopment

We strongly support moving forward with a Comprehensive Development Strategy, as a Council-driven priority. There have been many letters and other communications that have characterized PBC’s position as demanding no growth, low density, and keeping Boulder exactly the same as it is now. Those are mischaracterizations, and particularly for this effort by the council to address the development issues that … Read More

Council Should Pause Growth

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Daily CameraCouncil Should Pause GrowthArticle We are in the midst of a development binge. Many of us are seriously concerned. Is this rush to build hotels, luxury apartments, and high-end office space really what we need in Boulder? We don't think so. In 2003, the Boulder City Council passed resolution 922 directing undefined "...city staff to develop plans and proposed ... Read More

Affordable Housing

Sean KendallGood Governance

Ray Bridge read the following statement on August 30 regarding the Housing Strategy Process.   PBC Statement for CC, 8/30/2014 1.       PBC supports City Council adopting the procedure of reviewing concept plans, when it chooses to do so, rather than leaving this step solely to Planning Board. 2.       City Council should not approve the goals of the draft Comprehensive Housing … Read More

Transportation Master Plan

PLAN-Boulder County BoardTransportation

PLAN-Boulder County urges Council to recognize that transportation decisions drive (or largely determine) land use patterns and quality of life. Transportation infrastructure and policies, therefore, should be conducive to the land use and quality of life vision Boulder seeks for associated nearby land uses. Conducive transportation decisions are the necessary first step in achieving desired land use patterns, financial objectives, … Read More

ROW Consideration

PLAN-Boulder County BoardGood Governance

PLAN-Boulder County urges you to rescind your recommendation to City Council on the ROW ordinance for three reasons. First, this ordinance, if passed, will significantly change density requirements in a number of areas of Boulder. This is a major policy change, and it has been subject to no real public discussion, certainly not adequate public discussion. That is contrary to … Read More

Board Appointments

Sean KendallGood Governance

2014 BOARD APPOINTMENTS On March 5, PLAN-Boulder sent a letter to the City Council regarding board appointments: Dear Council members, PLAN-Boulder County would like to recommend a few specific candidates for board appointments for your consideration, though we recognize that interviews have not yet taken place. We regret not having done so earlier, but obtaining the applications to give fair … Read More

Three Minute Rule at City Council

Sean KendallGood Governance

PLAN-Boulder County members have spoken to Council hundreds of times during the public participation portion of City Council meetings. While we appreciate the concerns expressed by some City Council members about the content and conduct of public participation, City Council members are our elected representatives, and public participation is an efficient way for Council members to hear from their constituents. … Read More