Transportation Master Plan

PLAN-Boulder County BoardTransportation

PLAN-Boulder County urges Council to recognize that transportation decisions drive (or largely determine) land use patterns and quality of life. Transportation infrastructure and policies, therefore, should be conducive to the land use and quality of life vision Boulder seeks for associated nearby land uses. Conducive transportation decisions are the necessary first step in achieving desired land use patterns, financial objectives, … Read More


Sean KendallEnvironment

  Statement by PLAN-Boulder County on CPC Amendments to Oil and Gas Policies. Review of draft oil and gas policy amendments for inclusion into the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan.   As a leading Boulder County citizens’ organization working to ensure environmental sustainability and far-sighted, innovative, and sustainable land use that preserves the area’s unique character and desirability, and which reduce … Read More


Sean KendallDevelopment

The following statement was read to the Boulder City Council on June 7, 2011 by PLAN-Boulder County Co-chair Ruth Blackmore: Dear Councilmember: Re: Goss-Grove zoning and boundaries: PLAN Boulder County strongly urges the City Council to adopt the original staff recommendation, including the boundaries mapped by the staff, for the Goss Grove land use change from High Density Residential (HR) … Read More