Middle Income Housing Strategy to Planning Board

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The attached report for a middle income housing strategy is going to the Planning Board in September 2016.  The executive summary provides that: “As home prices continue to increase, it is clear that the current goal of 450 permanently affordable middle income homes is no longer adequate. Furthermore, with annexation as the only vehicle for permanently affordable middle income housing, … Read More

Pearl Place Site Review

PLAN-Boulder County BoardDevelopment

Re: Pearl Place Site Review (Planning Board Nov. 6, 2014) Dear Planning Board Members: At our regular board meeting on Dec. 1, 2014, we discussed at length the above project (LUR2014-00035, located in an L-shaped configuration around the Chase Bank Building situated on the SW corner of 30th and Pearl). At 55 feet and 325,000 square feet of floor space, … Read More

Council Should Pause Growth

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8/29/2014 Daily Camera We are in the midst of a development binge. Many of us are seriously concerned. Is this rush to build hotels, luxury apartments, and high-end office space really what we need in Boulder? We don’t think so. In 2003, the Boulder City Council passed resolution 922 directing undefined “…city staff to develop plans and proposed regulations … … Read More

Affordable Housing

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Ray Bridge read the following statement on August 30 regarding the Housing Strategy Process.   PBC Statement for CC, 8/30/2014 1.       PBC supports City Council adopting the procedure of reviewing concept plans, when it chooses to do so, rather than leaving this step solely to Planning Board. 2.       City Council should not approve the goals of the draft Comprehensive Housing … Read More

Board Appointments

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2014 BOARD APPOINTMENTS On March 5, PLAN-Boulder sent a letter to the City Council regarding board appointments: Dear Council members, PLAN-Boulder County would like to recommend a few specific candidates for board appointments for your consideration, though we recognize that interviews have not yet taken place. We regret not having done so earlier, but obtaining the applications to give fair … Read More

Baseline Zero

PLAN-Boulder County BoardDevelopment

PLAN-Boulder County commends the gestures toward low energy use in the proposed Baseline Zero project, but we have a number of concerns with the overall concept of the plans. We’d also like to emphasize that granting modifications to height and zoning requirements should not be a routine process, and it gives the city the right to press for a project … Read More

Citizen Advisory Board to Address Affordable Housing

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PLAN-Boulder supports the creation of a permanent citizen advisory board to address affordable housing. The purpose of the Affordable Housing Advisory Board would be to study, review and advise City Council on issues affecting affordable housing development in the City and to provide oversight and consistency in housing decisions. Complex issues like concentration of affordable and homeless housing in one … Read More