2019 PLAN-Boulder County Election Endorsements

The People’s League for Action Now PLAN – Boulder County is pleased to announce our endorsements for Boulder City Council and our support for two City ballot initiatives.

For Boulder City Council, PLAN-Boulder County endorses: Adam Swetlik, Susan Peterson, Mark Wallach, Corina Julca, and Brian Dolan.  PLAN-Boulder County endorses the Open Space Tax extension and the Pilot loan program for middle income housing ballot measures.

As part of our endorsement process, PLAN-Boulder County held forums for the fifteen 2019 City Council Candidates on August 30, September 3, and September 5. PLAN-Boulder has held these forums over the years as a public service to the community to give voters the opportunity to see the candidates and hear their views on important city issues. Multiple forums are scheduled in order to give each candidate the time to give thoughtful and complete answers to multiple questions that are presented from PLAN-Boulder and the audience.

The candidates for the 2019 City Council election are an unusually diverse group that is varied in age, experience, race and ethnicity, which we view as an extremely positive development. Each candidate made important contributions to the discussion of issues that they will face if elected to the City Council, and PLAN-Boulder wishes to thank each candidate for being willing to participate in the candidate forums, and for volunteering their time to run for City Council.

In making endorsements, PLAN-Boulder looks for candidates with views that support our organization’s mission of good governance, slow and careful growth and good planning while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact. PLAN-Boulder has chosen to endorse five candidates for six council seats in this election, determining that their positions and experience most broadly align with those of our organization; however, the other ten candidates presented many admirable qualities and new ideas that are certainly worthy of consideration by the voters. There are two thoughtful experienced incumbents, whose track records are well known; there are several candidates with the ability and desire to reach out to the underserved populations in Boulder; and there are candidates who have volunteered time to the community by serving on city boards that have given them experience that would inform their service on council. PLAN-Boulder feels that there are many good options for filling the sixth council seat, and we are confident that the community will choose wisely.

   Adam Swetlik – We whole-heartedly endorse our former PLAN-Boulder County board member Adam Swetlik, who has impressed us with his knowledge of Boulder issues, his leadership skills, and his commitment to civic engagement. Adam’s service on the Housing Advisory Board and his outspoken support for Open Space and for exacting community benefit from the Opportunity Zone are clear indication of the thoughtful and energetic leadership he will bring the Boulder City Council.


Susan Peterson  – Recently-retired professional engineer and avid cyclist, Susan Peterson, impressed us with her understanding of complex issues such as CU South and flood control. Susan is also a former board member of PLAN-Boulder County, and her priorities begin with better management of growth, development, and traffic. On Council, Susan will bring valuable professional expertise along with strong support for Open Space, community ECO Pass, and improved safety for riders and pedestrians.


Mark Wallach – Rock climber, political activist and speech writer, Yale and Columbia graduate, and real estate development expert Mark Wallach brings an impressive resume and skill set to the Boulder City Council. Mark will help Boulder effectively address development and the issues around development and growth, particularly in Boulder’s Opportunity Zone. Mark’s deep commitment to Open Space and the environment, as well his expertise on economics, development and housing issues will be valuable assets for Boulder City Council.


Corina Julca– A teacher in her native Peru, Corina Julca is a full-time mom who entered Boulder politics through the unwanted creation of the Opportunity Zone, which encompasses her family’s rental apartment. A grassroots activist, Corina’s promise as a candidate is to do all in her power to protect the people who are struggling to remain in Boulder, especially the vanishing middle class. Corina has lived in Boulder for five years and in Colorado for ten and will serve as a steward of our Open Space and a proponent of smart solutions for reducing Boulder’s carbon footprint.

Brian Dolan – Brian has spent nearly his entire life in Boulder, having grown up here since the age of two. His family has lived in Boulder for four generations and over the last 40 years Brian has seen the City continue to change and evolve. A strong proponent of neighborhood planning, Brian will bring needed community perspective to Council. Brian has also worked with many local businesses in the area and is a small business owner himself. He is a strong supporter of Open Space and the effort to preserve the 25-acre Long’s Gardens farm in North Boulder.

Yes! – City of Boulder Ballot Issue 2H Sales and Use Tax Extension for Open Space and Long’s Gardens– PLAN-Boulder strongly supports the extension of Boulder’s 0.15% sales tax to support Open Space over the next 20 years. Open Space is what makes Boulder great and this

measure includes the added bonus of preserving Long’s Gardens, the last working farm within the Boulder city-limits.

Yes! – City of Boulder Ballot Issue 2I Imposition of a Middle-Income Housing Program – Council members Sam Weaver and Bob Yates developed this pilot concept to assist middle income people who work in Boulder to afford housing. If successful, this program could be an important avenue to increasing affordability in Boulder.