Ballot Issues 2L, 2O, 2P related to municipalization of the City’s electric utility

Ballot Issue 2L

  • “Yes” in 2L allows Boulder to finish gathering essential cost information. These estimates will be used in final economic modeling within the next several years, and help voters decide whether we should borrow money to launch the utility. (A “Yes” vote on 2017 ballot measure 2O would add this requirement to the Charter.
  • “Yes” on 2L means that Boulder can take advantage of the recent Public Utilities Commission (PUC) decision which gives Boulder a well-defined “path forward,” and a viable process to separate its grid system from Xcel’s.
  •  “Yes” on 2L means that Boulder can make final preparations to acquire the local electric grid. Xcel Energy, after years of delaying tactics and legal efforts to stop the municipal utility, has testified before the PUC that it will cooperate with Boulder.
  •  “Yes” on 2L will allow Boulder to create a clean energy electric utility that prioritizes achieving much higher levels of renewable energy at a faster pace than is achievable with Xcel. The city has established a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2030 – like multiple other cities in Colorado and across the US.

Ballot Issue 2O

  • “Yes” on 2O gives voters the assurance that if things not proceed according to their satisfaction, they still have the opportunity to decide whether Boulder should borrow money to launch the utility.

Ballot Issue 2P

  • “Yes” on 2P continues the authorization for the City to formulate legal strategy without telegraphing its strategy to it legal opponents.  It is the equivalent of Boulder not having to show its hand in a poker game.  Without this measure, the City cannot develop an effective strategy.  2P does NOT allow the City to conduct negotiations of any sort with Xcel – that will continue to be done in public meetings.

Ballot issues 2M, 2N related to the extension of the sales and use tax of the Community, Culture and Safety Tax for Capital Improvements (2M) and the authority to issue debt for Community, Culture and Safety Capital Improvements (2N)

  • “Yes” on 2M and 2N will fund several city facilities and infrastructure projects including Phase 2 improvements for Resource and Ecoscycle, improvements for KGNU, building the North Boulder library, relocating fire station #3 at Arapahoe and 30th , and other projects. It will also would provide matching funds for a number of community non-profit facilities.
  • “Yes” on 2N will authorize the increase of the debt of the City in order to fund capital improvement projects (the city projects that will be voted on in ballot issue 2M)

PLAN-Boulder County also recommends NO on Ballot Issue 2Q related to citizen ballot initiatives

  • “NO” on 2Q will preserve the ballot initiative path for the citizens to address issues that the council and the city staff are not addressing.
  • “NO” on 2Q keep the ballot initiative process clear, certain, and not unduly burdensome so that it remains fair and useful.
  • “NO” on 2Q maintains the voters’ ability to challenge the local power structure under the current process rather than be subjected to unnecessary discretion by that very same power structure, as 2Q subjects voters to. Read more

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