This website accumulates expert opinion on the need for flood mitigation at CU South.   It’s purpose is to provide a convenient way for interested Boulder citizens to learn the myriad planning and technical details related to a possibly damaging annexation of the property to the City of Boulder.

With the City Council threatening to annex the 308 acres called CU South, Julie Marshall has come up from the muck that is a floodway and floodplain. Ms. Marshall is the Opinion Editor for Boulder’s Daily Camera.  She recognizes that the only urgent matter is mitigating the flood hazard for this property. She proposes a compromise that would build the flood protection soon, and leave the rest of the unplanned uses of the property for the future.

Presentations from former Boulder City Council members will appear here soon.  Both are expert in City planning.

A few days later, on August 27, 2021, former Council member Spense Havlick proposed a similar approach.   However he listed 10 specific itens that need attention in flood mitigation.

Earlier, Peter Mayer, who is a water engineer wrote about remedies for the flood hazard and Steve Pomerance covered environmental impacts.  These two efforts will be linked here in the near future.

Expert Video Presentations

PLAN-Boulder County has been following the discussion about CU South and flood mitigation.  In 2019 and 2020 it invited expert speakers to its video meetings.  The running times for these videos are listed so the viewer can schedule adequate time.

On XX, 2019, Ben Binder spoke with the group.  Ben has been researching the methods used by the Univeristy of Colorado to acquire the presently disputed land.  His talk is on a video that follows.

About a year later , Dr. Gordon McCurry spoke on the details of the flood problem and possible remedies.  His talk focussed on technical matters that can make the flood mitigation successful.