Mike Marsh made a presentation about his views on new proposed ADU regulations and how they could work practically.  To view the powerpoint, click on the link and open in power point.  Mike lays out visually how ADUs could impact affordability, density, and neighborhoods.  He focuses particularly on Martin Acres in his presentation because the presentation was to that neighborhood.

Mike’s presentation to the neighborhood emphasized, in his view:

  • Accessory units can be an important part of the housing mix in Boulder
  • City staff are currently proposing 12 changes to rules. Some minor, some major. Some of the changes interact with each other.  It’s important to understand these synergistic, interactive effects.
  • As with all legislation, the devil is often in the details, and it’s important to understand those details so people formulate informed opinions.
  • Not a referendum on accessory units as good or bad. (Questions, and considerations, don’t equal opposition.)

ADU presentation for PLAN Boulder