PLAN-Boulder County is pleased that city staff is no longer recommending that the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Intergovernmental Agreement (BVCP IGA) expire, but that doesn’t alleviate our concerns for staff’s recommendation that the City and County postpone extension of the current IGA and consider it as part of the 2015 BVCP update, prior to its expiration at the end of 2017.  It is worrisome, as you stated in your memo from April 16, “that postponing the discussion potentially runs the risk of the IGA expiring in 2017.” So why would City Council consider doing this?  The IGA that enables the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan has had a major role in encouraging City-County collaboration and planning, and has been critical in shaping our compact city.


PLAN-Boulder has followed the 2010 major update to the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan and because we are already past the start date for the mid-term update (2012 ½), it is definitely time to wrap up this study. Since the city is already behind schedule with completing this study, we are gravely concerned that the 2015 update will also be a couple years off schedule and thus the IGA may expire in 2017 before completion of the next major update.


The staff report recommends postponing consideration of the IGA at this time because of:

1. Lack of consensus on the 4-body review issue.  PLAN-Boulder County believes that lack of consensus is an allowed outcome; in fact it is built in to possible outcomes of 4-body review.  We also observe that the County Planning Commission was close to accepting some modification to the 4-body review process, and a modicum of additional work by the City Planning Board and staff might resolve this issue now.


2. Timing – staff states processing and consideration of the IGA extension is not part of the current planning staff work program and they argue that doing so would require moving out other high-priority projects.  PLAN-Boulder thinks that the BVCP IGA is a high priority project as it is one of the cornerstones for all development between the city and the county.


We ask that you complete the Boulder Valley Comprehensive IGA now, well ahead of its expiration in 2017.