The following statement was read to the Boulder City Council on June 7, 2011 by PLAN-Boulder County Co-chair Ruth Blackmore:

Dear Councilmember:

Re: Goss-Grove zoning and boundaries:

PLAN Boulder County strongly urges the City Council to adopt the original staff recommendation, including the boundaries mapped by the staff, for the Goss Grove land use change from High Density Residential (HR) to Mixed Density Residential (MXR). The much reduced area — basically Grove Street — suggested to Council by the Planning Board is inappropriate.

Not only is the larger area, including much of Goss Street and the north side of Arapahoe, an integral part of this vibrant neighborhood, but the wider area means that Goss Grove can become more like the successful and diverse Whittier Neighborhood, a neighborhood now largely zoned MXR. Almost all new housing developments in Boulder have been high-density residential projects such as the Peloton on Arapahoe and the new project on 30th (part of the 29th Street Mall). While these are sound projects, they do not create the kind of affordable housing with yards that are desired by families. Goss Grove may provide Boulder with one of the last opportunities for Boulder to do this.

In addition, a block-by-analysis of the entire neighborhood, including Goss and Arapahoe, shows that there are many historic, vernacular homes along each street. These will be lost in the future if the area is not re-designated.

As you know, there has been little opposition to the proposed land use change. Please support the Goss Grove Neighborhood Association, a group that has worked hard for several years to obtain a new land use designation for the larger area.