“River Hero” Dr. Gary Wockner is a writer, activist, and expert on rivers. He is also staunch and formidable opponent of proposals to dam rivers around the world, including the Gross Reservoir Expansion. Over twenty years, Gary has become one of the most effective, influential, and controversial figures in the ever-contentious realm of Colorado water and environmental politics.

Gary currently directs two river and water protection organizations, Save The Poudre: Poudre Waterkeeper and Save The Colorado, which span the Southwest U.S. Gary also does global volunteer advocacy for the Waterkeeper Alliance. In 2018, Gary co-founded Boulder Waterkeeper. In 2017, Gary helped to launch and support the Waterkeeper Alliance’s Global Dams Initiative. The Colorado Independent called Gary “one of Colorado’s most outspoken water watchdogs”.

In 2019, Gary began expanding his advocacy to focus on local, national, and global human population stabilization which he sees as one of the ‘root causes’ of the environmental problems plaguing the planet. He announced this new advocacy with the blog, “It’s Time To Talk About Population”, and has since begun coordinating with various population stabilization organizations.

You can see Gary’s slides and the following video of his talk.