Plan Boulder County on Height Limit

PBC supports limiting building height to 35/38ft in all areas except the downtown and Boulder Junction. Any building approved at 55 feet should have a clear, well-defined, enforceable community benefit as part all permits granted. PBC urges Council to put the Comprehensive Housing Strategy and envision East Arapahoe on hold. Staff efforts are better directed elsewhere, and these projects would be more likely to have acceptable results after the community discussion of the BVCP revision. City Council should establish a Council-appointed Housing Board. Council should consider creation of a rental regulation board or staff area to deal with enforcement, VRBOs, occupancy, and smartregs. Council should reexamine the Residential Growth Management System and eliminate most of the exemptions that have reduced its effectiveness. Council should study commercial linkage fees and broaden their areas of application and use them for affordable housing. Council should quickly initiate a pilot form-based zoning project —possibly at Boulder Junction, but perhaps somewhere else.