During the past two years, PLAN-Boulder County has made videos of expert talks about the issues surrounding the University of Colorado’s request that the City annex the CU South property. Even Julie Marshall, Opinion page editor for the Board of the Daily Camera has advocated mitigating the flood issues before annexation.

Here are the web links to several sources of detailed information from experts:

• Ben Binder, February 24, 2020 (56 minutes)

Binder Q&A

• Dr. Gordon McCurry, March 10, 2021 (37 minutes)

with McCurry Q&A. (21 minutes)

• Julie Marshall, Opinion Editor for the Daily Camera. August 21, 2021. “CU can be the hero in this story” (Link requires subscription to Daily Camera). Ms. Marshall concludes her optimistic review of this issue saying that

“If this is where we are close to now, granting an easement to save lives and unite our town is a great way to begin the next chapter.”