To Planning Board Members:

Plan-Boulder County recommends that you include a recommendation to City Council that the new BVCP include the following affordable housing policies:

  1. Increase affordable housing as a percentage of overall housing: The city will develop regulations and policies to ensure that: A) development and redevelopment does not result in a net percentage (of overall housing) loss of housing units or numerical loss of housing units affordable to 150% AM I households and lower AND B) new residential development is predominantly permanently affordable to 150% AMI households and lower.
  1. Community benefits: The City will ensure that significant additional community benefits are derived when development potential is increased beyond that which is allowed by-right according to zoning.  These benefits should be durable and prioritize permanently affordable mixed income housing.  Additional benefits for consideration include affordable business space toward retaining local small businesses and affordable arts space.
  1. Enhanced Permanent Affordable Housing for Additional Residential Development Potential: The city will develop regulations and policies to ensure that when additional density is provided through changes to zoning, the additional development potential for the residential use will be predominantly permanently affordable housing for low, moderate, and middle income households.
  1. Annexation agreements should include requirements that any housing planned for annexed land should include 50% permanently affordable housing and 50% permanently middle-income housing.

Best regards,

Allyn Feinberg and Raymond Bridge, Co-chairs