On December 16, 2016, PLAN-Boulder held a Forum about plans for CU’s South Campus.  You can view the visuals here.


The City is considering re-designating the land uses for CU’s South Campus as part of the five-year revision of the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan. Talks between CU and the City about annexing the property to the City are underway. The City’s South Boulder Creek flood mitigation study has been completed, and the City is proposing construction of a new berm  on the South Campus parallel to US 36  for the avowed purpose of preventing downstream flooding. Will annexation be a condition for CU’s consent to a new berm that would impound flood water on its property? Is the proposed new berm the best way to prevent downstream flooding?

Noon to 1:30 p.m., Alfalfa’s Community Room


Lesli Ellis, Comprehensive Planning Manager, City of Boulder
… on the City’s process for considering CU’s request for a Comprehensive Plan change
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Kurt Bauer, Engineering Project Manager, City of Boulder
… on the City’s planning to date for dealing with 2013 serious flooding issues from the site in 2013
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Ben Binder,  South Campus neighbor and community activist
… on the controversial acquisition of this site by CU
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Frances Draper, Vice Chancellor for Strategic Relations, CU-Boulder
… on CU’s very limited present use and future plans for the site
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