WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH MCCURRY’S TALK (37 minutes and its worth it)

Dr. Gordon McCurry has carried out detailed research on the flood hazards from the University of Colorado’s south Boulder property.  Unlike many other speakers he has no vested interest in the outcome.  When you hear his low key, thoughtful analysis you will be amazed that the City of Boulder is even considering annexing the property and abandoning its usual requirement of 500-years (0.2% per year) for flood design.


In a separate video, and equally important, you can see and hear questions and answers for Dr. McCurry (21 minutes).

At the first-ever PLAN-Boulder County virtual annual meeting Dr. Gordon McCurry gave one of two authoritative talks on water issues.  McCurry’s was “Flooding Issues and Actions in the South Boulder Creek Basin.”  On this controversial topic, McCurry was soft-spoken and persuasive.

McCurry is one of Boulder’s most experienced water professionals with direct knowledge of the South Boulder Creek Watershed. Gordon has more than 30 years experience as an environmental consultant in hydrology relating to water resources evaluations and groundwater contamination. He served on Citizen Advisory Committees for the South Boulder Creek flood mapping effort from 2004-2007 and currently serves as a member of the City of Boulder’s Water Resources Advisory Board.

Gordon’s 2000 Ph.D. dissertation, “Modeling the effects of climate change on the hydrology and water rights of a semi-arid irrigated watershed” was based on the South Boulder Creek Watershed.

Gordon’s professional experience includes the investigation, characterization and modeling of watersheds and aquifer systems for projects nationwide, from site- to basin-scale.

You can see his slides here.