All of our endorsees are strong supporters of municipalization. Four of the five are women, correcting gender imbalance on Council. Most importantly, all are prepared to serve. They have the knowledge, city experience, values, and courage to be outstanding councilmembers.

The PLAN-Boulder Board has endorsed the following five candidates for the Boulder City Council:

Lisa Morzel

Incumbent. Has supported PLAN-Boulder’s values during all her years on Council, including good planning and stewardship of Open Space. Long track record of listening to constituents. Energetic champion of recycling and the environment for decades. Leader in providing protection to mobile home residents through Mobile Home Ordinance to protect residents’ rights.

Suzanne Jones

Incumbent. Executive Director of Eco-Cycle. Longtime environmentalist. Supporter of Local Food initiatives and excellent problem solver. Has supported strong positions to help control growth and development.

Jyotsna Raj

Close connections to CU. Member of University Hill Commercial District Management Commission. Neighborhood activist and historic preservation supporter. Seeks to re-energize the visionary qualities of Boulder. Brings a diversity of experience to City Council.

Leonard May

Architect. Planning Board member. Activist behind award-winning Compatible Development Ordinance. Advocate of vigorous implementation of City’s Climate Action Plan. Spent years building communities and providing disaster relief in Malawi, Sri Lanka, Haiti and Bosnia.

Cindy Carlisle

Long term global environmental activist. Committed to maintaining a healthy Open Space system. Former Regent of the University of Colorado and former Boulder City Council member Well-versed in the current local issues. Supporter of arts and social justice.

The Board also adopted the following positions on Ballot Questions:

Ballot Question 300 – 
“Neighborhoods’ Right to Vote”

VOTE YES. Would provide a safety net in case the City Council decides to re-zone residential neighborhoods, but would probably be infrequently used. It would not apply to projects proposed under the existing land-use regulations.

Ballot Question 301 – “New Development Shall Pay Its Own Way” 

VOTE YES. Would finally implement the policy contained in the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan for the past 45 years that requires growth to pay its own way. This is a principle which PLAN-Boulder has advocated for decades and is a matter of equity for the taxpayers.

Ballot Question 2N “Short-term Rental Tax” 

VOTE YES. Would tax short-term rentals similar to hotel and motel taxes.

Ballot Question 2O “Utility Occupation Tax Extension” 

VOTE YES. Extends the tax on electric bills and supports city programs such as re, police and parks.

Ballot Question 2P “Climate Action Plan Tax Extension” 

VOTE YES. With global temperatures now predicted to rise over 6 degrees Fahrenheit, this is needed more now than ever.

Ballot Question 2Q “Amending Charter Provisions Regarding Library Commission” 

VOTE YES. This would bring some antiquated provisions up to date.

Ballot Question 2R “Amending Charter Provisions Regarding Compensation for Council Members” VOTE NO. Not the right time for a pay raise of about 100 percent. PLAN-Boulder strongly supports increasing diversity of the Council, but also supports the concept of the citizen Council member.