Ray Bridge read the following statement on August 30 regarding the Housing Strategy Process.


PBC Statement for CC, 8/30/2014

1.       PBC supports City Council adopting the procedure of reviewing concept plans, when it chooses to do so, rather than leaving this step solely to Planning Board.
2.       City Council should not approve the goals of the draft Comprehensive Housing Strategy until it has had adequate public review and exposure. Housing strategy is intimately linked to growth, and this is currently a subject of major debate in Boulder. This is an area about which the public has major concerns, and Council should have input from the citizens before deciding on its direction.
3.       Specifically, increasing the occupancy limits for Seniors is not an “easy win,” as presented by staff. As drafted, it has major implications that have not been seriously considered, analyzed, or vetted, and it must be presented and discussed by the public before being adopted. This is a sloppily drafted proposal that should be rejected until it has been done with serious analysis.
4.       The Comprehensive Housing Strategy is a critical subject of public discussion. Staff needs to devote its efforts into designing and implementing the public process, rather than trying to rush a few preliminary, poorly thought-through items and attempting to preempt the public process.
5.       Boulder was promised a well-publicized meeting on the CHS in September and creation of advisory groups, appointed by Council. Those are the priorities, and they should precede attempts to do stuff before anybody in the public knows what is going on. Neighborhood associations should be consulted, rather than ignored in this process.
6.  We are concerned with the goals, process, and staff-driven nature of the so-called Comprehensive Housing Strategy and with staff attempts to subvert Council’s clear intent to form a Council-appointed resident-populated Housing Board.  It’s time for a pause and a broad community discussion that leads to consensus on the kind and amount of housing and other development Boulder needs.