PLAN-Boulder County urges you to rescind your recommendation to City Council on the ROW ordinance for three reasons.

First, this ordinance, if passed, will significantly change density requirements in a number of areas of Boulder. This is a major policy change, and it has been subject to no real public discussion, certainly not adequate public discussion. That is contrary to the way we conduct business in Boulder, and it does not comport with the way that the Planning Board has tried to operate.

Second, the ROW ordinance has not followed an appropriate process. It was presented as part of the Economic Sustainability Strategy. The implications are far broader, and they need to be considered thoroughly. Planning Board needs to give the ordinance adequate examination and to advise City Council properly.

Third, the wording of the revision is so obscure that it appears to be deliberately deceptive.

We urge you to reconsider this ordinance and report the consequences that it will have to City Council.

Thank you.