PLAN-Boulder County considers being good stewards of our environment as one of our top priorities. Boulder County’s Open Space Program, trail access, land use policies, and environmental activism are the cornerstones of what make our community a desirable place to live. These limited resources need to be maintained and protected as best as possible while still being available for accessible recreation. PBC has long fought for the restriction of building along the Flatirons and keeping height limits in place so that we may all enjoy Boulder’s beautiful views. We believe that while sustainable development can maintain and enhance some aspects of our community, many of our resources can never be undeveloped. This means we must be mindful of steps we take that cannot be undone. Some of PBC’s principles look toward a more sustainable use of our resources that will mitigate climate change and enhance our community’s living conditions:- Development of a municipilzed electrical grid for the City of Boulder

– Full funding of our Open Space programs so that we may keep up with the increased maintenance cost associated with additional Open Space visitors

– Proper land use approval processes that take into account all impacts on the natural environment

– Reduction of waste of all types, including single use plastics, food waste, and excessive water useBoulder County is revered as one of the best places in the world to live, and we see it as our duty to maintain the spaces that have placed Boulder County in such high esteem.

PLAN-Boulder County Expert Videos on CU South

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During the past two years, PLAN-Boulder County has made videos of expert talks about the issues surrounding the University of Colorado’s request that the City annex the CU South property. Even Julie Marshall, Opinion page [...]

Dr. Gordon McCurry Dives Deep into CU South Controversy

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WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH MCCURRY'S TALK (37 minutes and its worth it) Dr. Gordon McCurry has carried out detailed research on the flood hazards from the University of Colorado's south Boulder property.  Unlike many [...]

Gross Reservoir Expansion and the Colorado River – Dr. Gary Wockner

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"River Hero" Dr. Gary Wockner is a writer, activist, and expert on rivers. He is also staunch and formidable opponent of proposals to dam rivers around the world, including the Gross Reservoir Expansion. Over twenty years, Gary [...]


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  Respected environmentalist Tim Hogan's letter to the newspaper, outlining the issues.   For many longtime residents of Boulder, the current proposal from the university requesting annexation, engineered flood mitigation, and additions to their housing [...]

CU South – $22million for berm?

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  Boulder is moving forward with annexing the CU South property.  This will require a change in land use designation from Open Space to Public in the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan.  Ben Binder writes in [...]


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  Statement by PLAN-Boulder County on CPC Amendments to Oil and Gas Policies. Review of draft oil and gas policy amendments for inclusion into the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan.   As a leading Boulder County [...]


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PLAN-Boulder County supports Ordinance No. 7848 authorizing the City Council to extend the Climate Action Plan excise tax for the purpose of continuing to provide incentives, services, and other assistance to Boulder residents and businesses [...]