Open Space

Since its first action to protect open space was initiated by PLAN Boulder County in 1961, with the preservation of Enchanted Mesa from development, PLAN-Boulder County has sought to foster community awareness and support toward the goal of preserving open space in order to conserve wildlife and plant ecosystems, preserve agricultural land, preserve the natural beauty of the surrounding area and to prevent sprawl so that future generations may experience what the present and past generations have enjoyed. In 1968, PLAN successfully initiated and lead the effort to create a funded, sustainable open space program that could continue to purchase land to achieving those aforementioned goals.

Today, we all reap the benefits of that earlier foresight. But there are challenges posed by increased use of open space as the Front Range area population increases, as demand for different recreation uses increases, and at the same time, climate change imposes additional stresses on ecosystems.

As less money is available for continued large-scale purchases of land, PLAN continues to support conservation goals by emphasizing greater focus on maintenance and nurturing of the lands we have in our Open Space system and advocating priority emphasis on conservation of wildlife and plant ecosystems. We support low-impact, non-mechanized recreational uses where they cause no net loss of habitats or diminishment of ecosystems.

Stewardship of our unique natural surroundings for future generations is our highest priority

Ruth Wright on CU South

By |March 12th, 2020|Comments Off on Ruth Wright on CU South

From: "Ruth Wright" Subject: South Boulder Creek - Flood Mitigation Project 2-25-20 Date: February 25, 2020 at 1:37:10 AM MST To: "'Boulder City Council '" <> Hello Members of the City Council, Here are [...]

Annexation of CU South Property

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Next up in the BVCP is discussion of CU-South, long a contentious topic.   Planning staff sent links to the two relevant consultants’ reports to the two advisory boards less than 24 hours before their meetings [...]

Open Space & Mountain Parks

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Open Space & Mountain Parks Among Council’ “Two Year Desired Outcomes” for Open Space is the following item: “Overriding policy issues: Carrying capacity, night time use, on/off road trail use, temporal restrictions”. This arose originally [...]