Open Space & Mountain Parks

Among Council’ “Two Year Desired Outcomes” for Open Space is the following item: “Overriding policy issues: Carrying capacity, night time use, on/off road trail use, temporal restrictions”. This arose originally when Council passed the West Trail Study Area Management Plan. The Department brought in an experienced retired planner, Dave Kuntz, to lead this effort, but the 2013 flood resulted in his being reassigned. While these issues have not yet been addressed by OSMP, they are still important. With the increasing number of visits on our open space lands, the resulting pressures on the lands and the resources found there, and climate change impacts, the viability and resilience of our open space system depend on our attention to these issues. Please don’t let them slide off of your plate of Desired Outcomes. As you prepare for your City Council Retreat, please note the importance of these overriding policy issues and make sure that they remain on the list of issues to be addressed by OSMP in the coming year. This is particularly important in light of personnel changes in the department and public pressure to move forward with the North Trail Study Area.