As is traditional, PLAN-Boulder County held forums for City Council candidates this fall.  There were two via Zoom and can view each of them.

You will see PLAN-Boulder co-chairs Allyn Feinberg and Peter Mayer facilitating these forums.  Timing assistance was by Bill Briggs and others.

Forum 1 – August 31, 2021

  • Mark Wallach
  • Tara Winer
  • Nicole Speer
  • Lauren Folkerts
  • David Takahashi

Forum 2 – September 1, 2021

  • Steve Rosenblum
  • Michael Christy
  • Matt Benjamin
  • Jacques Decalco

Candidate Dan Williams was unable to attend.  He submitted written replies to our questions that are linked to this post.

PLAN-Boulder County is an all-volunteer organization.  While we strive for professional quality communications we regret two difficulties with these videos.

  • We missed about 30 seconds of the beginning of Matt Benjamin’s presentation.
  • We recorded the videos in SD 480p resolution (old fashioned television). Zoom also supplies 720 resolution if one just asks for it!  We didn’t!