PLAN-Boulder County 2021 City Election Endorsements

Steve Rosenblum:  Steve has the greatest depth of experience of any City Council candidate PLAN-Boulder has seen in many years. Steve has delved deeply into the issues, and has shown a willingness to listen and learn about the concerns of Boulder voters. He has an extensive background in housing and clearly understands Boulder’s need for more diverse types of housing. The safety of our shared community spaces is one of the issues that drew Steve to run for City Council.  We think he will be an exceptional Council member.

Michael Christy:  Michael is another candidate that has put extensive work into understanding the issues that Boulder faces. Of great appeal to us is his professional practice in mediation that gives him expertise in negotiating and settling high-conflict disputes between opposing parties to achieve workable outcomes. As a Council member, he will focus on energy, climate change, and the environment.  Michael brings knowledge and important skills to the Council that will serve our community well.

Tara Winer:  Tara brings an extensive history of service on city boards, commissions and working groups. She created and ran a successful business for over 25 years, and has developed a track record of forming partnerships and working with groups of people to develop solutions to community issues. On a council that will have more newcomers than incumbents, Tara will bring experience and knowledge to city issue

Mark Wallach:  The care and deliberation that Mark brings to issues facing the City Council has always impressed us. His accessibility to constituents is laudable. Because we view this as a time of great change and realize practical experience is important for a smooth transition to a new City Council, these characteristics have overcome our great disappointment in Mark over his position on annexation of CU South.

Jacques Decalo:  Jacques was born and grew up in Boulder. He is a young candidate, committed to taking action to address climate change, and has many new and exciting ideas for what can be done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while recognizing what makes Boulder special.  Jacques needs to be part of the generational change for city leadership. We feel Jacques is a voice essential on our City Council to move Boulder forward.

… and on the ballot items …

Let Voters Decide on Annexation of CU South — STRONGLY SUPPORT

PLAN-Boulder is one of the organizations that sponsored this initiative because the inexorable drive by the City Council to annex CU South with the result of a hugely expensive suboptimal flood mitigation plan to protect downstream residents, inappropriate development equivalent to downtown Boulder on the edge of town, all due to the short-sighted intransigence of CU. Over the years, PLAN-Boulder and Boulder citizens have been responsible for initiatives that have resulted in some of Boulder’s most iconic assets, such as Open Space, the height limit, and an undeveloped mountain backdrop. We feel strongly that annexation of this gateway to Boulder is important enough that the citizens should have a say in the outcome.

Bedrooms Are for People — OPPOSE

PLAN-Boulder County respects the commitment shown by volunteers who worked hard to get the Bedrooms Are for People initiative on the ballot and agrees that the city should do more to increase the supply of affordable housing and accommodate people who wish to live collectively. However, the simplistic, one-size-fits-all nature of Proposed Ordinance 8475 would turn our residential neighborhoods into opportunity zones for rental housing investors and increase the supply of substandard and unaffordable rental housing. City Council cannot fix this ballot initiative, but it can create a more viable solution that ensures true affordability and livability.

Humane Clothing Act – No Position

PLAN-Boulder does not see this initiative as a local Boulder issue, but something that should be approached more broadly, perhaps at the state level. For this reason, we take no position on it.